Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our Cowgirl Turns FIVE

 I FINALLY was able to get Kyrie's  FIVE year old  pictures done.  After several weeks of sickness, she put on a sassy outfit, and we head to this gazebo/pond area near our house.  As you can tell, she HATES the camera!! ;)  So, enjoy a few these pictures of our sweet and sassy Kyrie!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 years

Well, it is hard to believe that you, our third child, are 5 years old!!  It seems like every time I sit down to write a birthday blog, I wonder where the time has gone.  It really feels just like yesterday that we were heading to the hospital to have you!  Maybe it is because of the "On this day..." feature on Facebook that I feel that way!

I have seen you grow so much in this last year.  You have gone from a pre-schooler scribbling all over a page to drawing pictures of your family and writing simple sentences letting us know that we are loved by you.  You have gone from asking how to spell certain words to learning how to spell them without any help.  You have gone from "reading"  words on flashcards to reading library books that you pick out on your own.  You continue to grow in your love of makes my heart happy that you desire to be a "just one baby."

 I love how you sit in my room in the mornings to watch me get ready for the day.  You often tell me that you are watching me so you can learn how to be a mommy.  The first time that you said that it made me panic.  I panicked because I know as much as I seek the Lord to lead and guide me to be the kind of mom He desires me to be, there are still days that my flesh takes over and you see the farthest thing from a mom living and loving like Jesus.  But then I realized that in those moments, you get see a mom who confesses when she has done wrong and a mom who seeks forgiveness when she has allowed her fleshly desires to take control.

I continue to love how you are a cuddle bug when you wake up in the morning or after a nap.  There is nothing like having a sleep eyed little one crawl up beside you as they fully wake up.  I love watching you stretch.  I have heard Daddy say that you remind him of me when you do that.  :)

I love how you are growing in your own fashion style.  There are times that I try to lead and guide you...OK, I try to pick out your outfit...and you just want to find the right top and bottom yourself.  And I especially love the times when you get dressed and ask, "Do I look like a mommy?"

I think the biggest thing that happened over the last year is you starting  your faith journey.  One morning you sat on our bed and said you wanted to give your life to Jesus.  So, Daddy and I spent some time talking to you about this decision.  Over the last year, I have seen  you grow in worshiping Him through singing and dancing.  My heart overflows every time I hear you bust out singing a worship song.  My heart is full when you come home from AWANA to share what you have learned and the badge you earned for completing your Bible lesson and memory verse.

I look forward to seeing how you are going to grow this coming year.  But on this day, I want to celebrate you...the wonderful you that God has entrusted us with!  Happy Birthday, Kyrie Eleison!  We love you more than words could ever say, but know that He loves you even more!

Newborn in the hospital to 5 year old full of life

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Work Has Begun

One of my Top 10 Happy Moments in life happened last night!!! Last night while doing our family devotional, we were reading about the 10 Commandments. As Chris read through the 10 Commandments he stopped and asked if any of the Hooties had broken that commandment. When he got done there were a few commandments that had been broken. He then explained that Jesus came to forgive us for our sins...all we need to do is believe that He died on the cross for us, give Him our life and then each day ask Him to help us. Kyrie, who was sitting on my lap, whispers, "I want to give my life to Jesus. How do I do that?" I told her that after Daddy finished the devotional that we would spend a few minutes talking with her about giving her life to Jesus. So the other kids went to their rooms to read, and we asked her a bunch of questions about who Jesus is, why He came, what He does for her, etc. Then we asked her if she wanted to pray and give her life to Jesus. And she said, "Yes!" So, Chris led her in a prayer and my heart melted. The Lord is moving in Kyrie's life. A work has begun, and I am thankful I got to witness what He has started. Kyrie Eleison, we pray that you will always remember how much we love you and remember that God loves you way more!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Four Year Old Pictures

We were able to get a small photo shoot in.  We were in the midst of getting our house lined up.  Even though things were a little crazy, I'm so glad that we took the time to get them done.  This little girl melts are hearts...and here is why:

Kyrie, we are so thankful that God has chosen us to be your parents.  We love all that you add to our family.  You are the one in our family that thinks outside the box.  We may give you two options and 9 times out of 10 you will come up with a third option.  I love how you don't settle on things.  If you feel passionately about something, you let us know.  It's not in a throw-a-fit-kind-of-way, and I am so thankful for that!  You do it in such a sweet way that most of the time, we don't even realize what has happened!!  I pray that God will take this characteristic and use it to further His Kingdom's work.  We need people like you to think outside of the box.  If not, then people will get stuck doing the same old things in their churches/ministries. 

I also love how you are so feminine...whether it is picking out a dress to wear, taking care of a baby or helping me in the kitchen.  I like how you want to watch me get ready in the morning as I pick out my clothes to wear, do my hear, put on my make-up and add some jewelry.  There are some days that you want to help pick out my clothes and jewelry.  I have started letting you help, and I must say I am pretty impressed with your styling skills.  I pray that you will take the confidence that you have and never allow anyone to tell you that it isn't OK for you to be feminine.  You own who God has created you to be even if the world tries to tell you differently. 

We love you more than words could ever say.  We look forward to seeing who God has created you to be!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Princess is 4

Well, another year has come and gone.  It seems like every time I write a birthday blog, I want time to slow down or I ask, "Where has the time gone!?!"  But I realize that you along with your sister and brothers must grow up...that is all part of His plan.  So, we celebrate you...the day you were born.  The day you made your grand entrance into the world...just the way He planned.  You were breech which required me to have a c-section.  We tried EVERYTHING to get you to turn, but you were having NO part of it.  The way you entered the world should have been a clue that you like to do things a certain way.  And honestly, I am fine with that.  The world needs people to think outside of the box...not being OK with two options, but coming up with a third or fourth way of doing things.  There are times when you see that maybe your way wasn't the best way, but you learn so much along the way.  So please don't change who God created you to be.  I do ask though that as you think outside of the box that you allow Him to lead and guide you.

We had a small party at Mimi and Bup-Bup's house to celebrate your special day. You wanted a princess party and that just fits you perfectly.  You wanted purple and pink and sparkle!! You wanted everyone to dress up in fancy clothes, so we did.  Suits and ties for the guys and sparkly dresses for the ladies.  We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and cupcakes for dessert.  We finished the night off by playing a few rounds of "Pie in the Face."  You weren't too sure of it and didn't play, but you sure enjoyed everyone else getting pied!!

Here are a few pictures from you birthday party:

Making crowns for us to wear

Everyone is working so hard

Birthday banner

All dressed up for your birthday dinner

Sitting down to eat our dinner

Birthday princess

Opening presents


Daddy helping you with your presents


Birthday cake

Auntie Shue helping you blow the candles out

Playing with your new toys

Playing pie in the face

All of the crowns we made

So, as you can see, we had a wonderful time celebrating you...Our Little Princess!  Happy Birthday, Kyrie Eleison!  We love you so much and are honored to be your parents!